Nasty women at WOTR July 8th 2017

download This target was on my back as my Honey and I wandered around this fabulous event held in East Peoria, Il.  The Authors were kind, friendly, and full of information.  However, about 25 to 30 of the “women” who were attendees such as I, were extremely rude, arrogant, and outright thieves.  I watched a “gang” of women overwhelm an author’s table and fill their bags with coffee cups, bottles, a couple of books, and other assorted items.

I mentioned this to the Author who got scammed and she said it happens. Hmm…what if I, one of the few men at this event, had tried the same thing? Bam!  Out I would have been taken/removed.

I also commented to several “volunteer” helpers and much to my chagrin, “no big deal” was the replies I received.

I plan on attending several more Author Events in person this year and I sure hope there are NO roving gangs of thieving women.

The End, for now.

Learning To Receive Love: An Old Dog New Tricks

Very eye opening

Blue Marriage


I have to admit that when our pastor began talking about receiving love I wanted to balk. Of course I knew how to receive love. My wife kisses me or does something for me, and I feel loved. Right?

That is about as surface level understanding as it gets. Many men simply do not know how to receive love. I’m not talking about sexual advances or a new tie. This is the soul deep source of true, unflinching, sacrificial love.

To receive love requires a level of vulnerability. Men, this is our cue to grunt.

The protector / provider mentality is ingrained in men. It’s in our DNA and not always a bad thing. It’s when the protector’s shield cannot be lowered to accept love that it becomes a problem. Grunting now isn’t encouraged. Considering this point is.

Balance is the key to battle, business, and being loved.

I guess the…

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